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Electro-mechanical pinball was the start of a revolution. It has gone through many changes since the 1930's.  Pinball has had a tumultuous  history and it is truly amazing that there any any machines around to be played today.
Pinball has had to evolve over the years to compete in the entertainment venues. The solid state, system 11 and DMD machines are tribute to that. Competing with home gaming systems has been part of the decline in the interest of pinball. We no longer leave our home to seek entertainment.
Pinball is a game most of us remember from our youth. Electro-mechanical pinball dates from the 1930's until the late 1970's. In the picture to the left are a row of Gottlieb widebody 2 player; l to r, Duotron, Mini Cycle, Airport, Snow Derby, Big Brave and our only solid state machine Millionaire by Williams.
Pictured below  l to r are '50 Genco South Pacific, '59 Gottlieb South Seas and Atlas, '71 Gottlieb Play Ball and '64 Gottlieb World Fair. Stop by to see our collection and have a conversation about getting your EM machine playing like new!
Pachinko, pictured right, is Japanese vertical pinball. It is similar to the slot machines we play in the US. This machine is fully mechanical. It's pinball for small spaces!