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EM Pinball ABQ
2517 Quincy Street NE Suite F
Albuquerque, NM 87110

​Pinball machines, in this day and age, are in various stages of play-ability.  We've seen machines that were left outside to die and machines that want to work and just need some help. It's time to get those machines working again. The nostalgia that comes with these machines is part of the history of the games our kids play today.

We have had college kids come to the shop and play pinball, walking away absolutely blown away. "That didn't play anything like XBOX!" Young adults that have not been exposed to this technology are blown away the the tactile-ness of the game. And many are intrigued with the fact that you can't beat the game...you might win this game, but each game is not a level that you beat to move on and conquer the quest so to speak.

We would like everybody to perfect their 'pinball dance'!
Why we don't make "House Calls"?
Electro-mechanical machines have literally thousands of parts, maybe as many as your car. Diagnosing problems takes time, expertise, concentration and specialized tools. Our shop is set up for just that.

These machines were originally designed to last five years, because no one made money off of machines that the public was bored with. After 20 to 30 years the machines that are still around can have some challenges. 
What is a "tune up" for a pinball machine?
A tune up on your pinball machine is specific to each machine, not unlike your car. Not all machines have exactly the same components and the same problems. So a "tune up" is determined by your machine and its idiosyncrasies.

At EM Pinball ABQ, we address the list of concerns that you the owner have about your machine and we take a good look at play-ability and functionality and together we develop a plan to suit your needs.
Enhanced Playability...What does that mean?
For us it's all about playability. Is that even a word? Playability is the functionality of the play field. Do the drop targets snap down? Do the pop bumpers rival newer DMD games? Do the flippers slam the targets at the top of the play field? Does the capture ball, horse shoe, spinner, and roll under targets function well? Do the bonus features work on your machine?

When we assess your machine we look at all of those details. We want to make your machine PLAY in the best possible way. We want you to be totally amazed! This machine has been in your family for how long(?) and it never played like this!.

There are parts available that will 'enlighten' your machine. Orange dot flipper coils are lower resistance coils which will produce more power enhance action on the play field.  Every switch gets adjusted and cleaned by hand. Every relay gets adjusted and tensioned, Every stepper gets taken apart and cleaned.

We also can have the play field clear-coated to make the ball travel in a more liquid manner. This also locks down the artwork, so no more damage can occur. 
Why Clear Coat?
We have developed a means to preserve the play fields by using an automotive catalyzed clear coat. The very same clear coat that goes on your car. It is a UV protectant and prevents further wear and damage to the play field. 

This is advantageous on some of the older machines because it enhances the ball movement across the play field. There is a slicker surface for it to roll on and the ball will move faster than it ever did. It will really liven up your machine